Doe sbir instructions how to tie

doe sbir instructions how to tie

Number all pages of your proposal consecutively. It is recommended that the Business Official, or an authorized representative designated by the Business Official, be the first person to register your company. Office of Science U. If information is provided that the proposer believes constitutes a trade secret, proprietary commercial or financial information, or personal information or data, it will be treated in confidence to the extent permitted by law, provided that it is clearly marked in accordance with Section 5.

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The Plan must indicate what is planned, how, when, and where the work will be carried out, a schedule of major events, the final product to be delivered, and the completion date of the effort. A proposal to the Science and Technology Directorate, under the DHS SBIR Program, must provide sufficient information to persuade DHS that the proposed work represents an innovative approach to the investigation of an important scientific or engineering problem and is worthy of support under the stated criteria.

doe sbir instructions how to tie

Provide an explicit, detailed description of the Phase I approach. Application Due Date: The header on each page of your Technical Proposal must contain your company name, topic number, and proposal number. See Section 3.

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Feedback Share Page. Each item listed below as a separate document.

doe sbir instructions how to tie

In the company's final Phase II Progress Report, a brief accounting must be included in the company's own format or format that has been provided by the DHS PM of how the investor's funds were expended to support the project.

Close Date: Guidance for Indirect Rate Submission: The Technical Proposal must be a single file, including graphics and table of contents if included. If additional Cost Proposal information for the base Phase I effort is required, it may be placed at the end of your Technical Proposal and included in the page count limitation. The inclusion of equipment and material will be carefully reviewed relative to need and appropriateness for the work proposed.

The Technical Proposal must not be in two-column or more format. If applicable, a brief explanation of cost estimates for equipment, materials, and consultants or subcontractors can be included in the Cost Proposal. Agency Micro-sites. The Cost Proposal generated by the system from data entered by the proposer is page 25 no matter how it prints out.

If you are inactive for more than 20 minutes e. Knowingly and willfully making any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or representations, may be a felony under the False Statement Act 18 U. The detection, by DHS, of a virus on any electronically submitted technical proposal, may cause rejection of the proposal.

Perform a virus check before uploading the Technical Proposal file. The proposal should also include relevant information on the funding source s private, internal, or other Government.

doe sbir instructions how to tie