Clunking noise when car in reverse

My '16 340i xDrive with around 6k miles does the same thing.

clunking noise when car in reverse

I found this thread elsewhere. Find More Posts by gomichaelkgo. Failing to have the right amount of coolant or even bad elements...

Q: when placing gear shifter in reverse I hear a pop/knock.

Jan 2017 Location: Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Everything replaced besides struts.

clunking noise when car in reverse

I don't suppose it will fly out of control if it's stabilized in greasy hands. The time now is 07: Other shifting for gears sounds normal.

Makes a clunking noise when shifting into reverse

OC iTrader: Go figure. This joint can wear out over time and cause the symptoms you are experiencing, along with clicking during turns.

clunking noise when car in reverse

Please see our terms of service for more details. No clunk in the forward gears.

clunking noise when car in reverse

Motormouth Online. Posted October 3, 2017. Any guesses? Major General. Many times the joint wears because the boot gets torn and the grease flies out and dirt and water fly in.

First Lieutenant. Clunk when reversing Hello, I am not sure if this is normal but I would like to find out before I bring it to service. Lieutenant Colonel.

clunking noise when car in reverse

I can't remember; it was quite a while ago. Take it to a dealer. I had the same thing on my E60 back in December. Similar Threads Siren Noise , construction noise, engine noise.