Youtube how to unban yourself

Your account can be terminated for two reasons — violating the community guidelines or copyright infringement. You have the chance to appeal any strike or even an account termination.

youtube how to unban yourself

Account Terminations Google Support: Once you create a new account, you want to make certain you don't get banned again.

A single strike limits your account features; you can restore your account privileges by completing YouTube's Copyright School and not receiving any additional strikes for six months. Search Glass x.

How to Unban Yourself from YouTube

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Community Guidelines Strikes Google Support: You will have to start over, but you can use YouTube again, including uploading videos and commenting on other users' videos. A strike only lasts for six months. YouTube gives users a chance to fix any problems before an account is banned.

youtube how to unban yourself

Brought to you by Techwalla. All of your account data is removed, including all uploaded videos. Video of the Day.

If your account is terminated, you'll be notified and won't be able to access or use your account again. Crowder holds an A. Videos with sexual content, violence and vulgar language will lead to an age warning on your videos. Once your YouTube account is banned, you can try to appeal the decision. Carefully review all the YouTube guidelines before uploading any new content.

youtube how to unban yourself

For community guidelines, you get three strikes before your account is deleted. Google tries to make YouTube a friendly community and has a strict set of guidelines that every user must follow. References Google Support: About the Author C.